Litigation LawyerLitigation often involves filing a lawsuit.  They require more resources and are defended aggressively by lawyers specializing in defense, representing companies which are self-insured, or representing insurance companies. Litigation cases also involve suing individuals such as your doctor, your former business partner, opposing factions of your church or temple, your landlord or your tenant, your boss or employer, or someone who has caused physical or financial injury to you by intent or negligence.

There is an intensity to litigation.  Since litigation can be stressful, it is critical that you retain an attorney with whom you feel comfortable. Filing a case in court can be a very long haul, and you and your attorney need to be in sync. It is also critical that you retain an attorney whose approach is one of civility with opposing counsel and witnesses.  Your attorney will be your advocate, and given the intensity of litigation, it is even more important that your attorney feel confident in his or her relationship with you before agreeing to your representation.

For catastrophic litigation cases I will partner with larger firms.  That is an advantage to you, as you  will continue to receive my personal attention, while benefiting from the resources of a large firm.

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