Criminal Defense

Boston Court House Criminal DefenseAlthough I am experienced in criminal defense and have handled a wide range of criminal cases including felonies and misdemeanors, my current focus is with representing first time offenders, and offenders committing minor offenses.

I focus on the everyday person who finds him or herself  suddenly thrown into the criminal justice system. I carefully evaluate the facts and the charges to determine the likely outcome and appropriate approach.

With first time offenders the goals are usually twofold. First, to keep you from getting a record. And second, if you are in fact guilty, to help you determine what caused your behavior and help you from becoming a second time offender. For serious criminal cases I will work with you to find attorneys specializing in those cases.

Criminal Defense Practice Areas

First time & minor criminal offenders
Domestic violence
Non-violent and Peaceful Protestors

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    First time offenders and minor offenses