Business Litigation

Small Business LitigationSmall business litigation is time-consuming, stressful, and expensive.  It usually involves someone with whom you previously had a good relationship such as a partner, a family member, a landlord, a realtor, a franchisor, or a publisher.  You may be the one who is suing, or you may be the one who is sued.  In either case, both sides usually end up suing each other, and the cases go on for years.

I will consider accepting business litigation cases, but before you go forward with an expensive lawsuit (in business litigation, attorneys will charge by the hour, not on a contingency), we should determine if there are any other ways to resolve your problem.  You need to look for the right business solution, and not let yourself get sidetracked.  Mediation or arbitration may be an option, if agreed to by all of the parties.

Small businesses and individuals can find themselves involved in numerous business litigation claims, either as plaintiffs or defendants, including, partnership disputes, real estate disputes, breach of contract, breach of warranty, unfair and deceptive business practices, fraud, non-compete agreements, and interference with advantageous contractual relations.  Parties will be seeking money damages, injunctive relief, or both.  They may be seeking the return of their book or product.  Sometimes cases should be referred to state or federal government agencies.

For unfair and deceptive “business to business” trade practices deemed “willful or knowing,”  two to three times actual damages plus attorney’s fees may be awarded by a court.  In settlements, however, multiple damages are difficult to acquire.

For particularly complicated and time-consuming business litigation cases I will partner with, or refer you to a larger firm.

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